Welcome to Randys Hydroponics. I have designed and built many systems including floating rafts, DFT, NFT, and bag culture. My favorite I think is the Bag Culture shown to the right. It uses a syphon injector, special grow bags, pine shavings and drip irrigation. It is also called a drain to waste system as the nutrients are not collected and recycled. With proper timing of the watering cycles, there is very little runoff.   What I hope to do on these pages is illustrate how anybody can grow fresh vegetables using hydroponics with a minimum investment. Except for the special bags used in the bag culture, most everything I use can be purchased at the local big box home improvement store.    I’ll show you how to build different kinds of Hydroponic systems. I’ll show you how to build a hoop house and point you to plans for hoop houses and greenhouses. I’ll tell you what I know about nutrients, where to buy them and how to mix them. I’ll also point you in the right direction to find out more about nutrients. Hydroponics is a great way to enjoy fresh vegetables, fresh air and the joy of Gardening. Hydroponics can be done indoors or out, in any climate. Hydroponics is excellent for those with bad backs that find bending over working in the dirt hurts too much. Hydroponics can even be done by the wheelchair bound. They may need a hand setting up the initial structure, but after that planting, maintaining and harvesting can all be accomplished with ease.